About Us

Providing Quality Products & Services 

Strate Welding Supply Co., Inc. was founded in 1949 by brothers Russell and Gordon Strate. Both men served their country during World War II and decided to open their own business together after returning home. Our original location was in an old gasoline station on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, NY. As the company continued to grow, it was officially incorporated in 1951. 

Strate Welding Supply Co., Inc. continued to expand through the 1960s and 70s, acquiring a second location in Buffalo and opening branches in Olean, NY and Lockport, NY. They also acquired facilities in Jacksonville, FL; Gainesville, FL; and St. Augustine, FL. The 1980s saw five more locations added in Georgia, as well as the acquisition of an Acetylene Plant and the distribution network of Liquid Carbonic in Western New York. 

Welding Supply Expertise 

Today, Strate Welding Supply Co., Inc. continues to look for markets to add and opportunities to grow while serving users in new areas. We have multiple locations, a large fleet of vehicles, and some of the best equipment around. We continue to strive for excellence, just like we did when the company was founded. 

Strate Welding Supply Co., Inc. provides quality welding products and services to users in the markets we serve. Our goal is to meet or exceed each user’s expectations and give extra value to the products or services used. We offer diverse product lines from major manufacturers in the welding equipment industry. Trust our fully-licensed and trained staff for all your welding needs. 
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